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Retired but still want to make a difference?

Want something worthwhile to do while the kids are at school?

Enjoy meeting people and getting out and about?

Community Transport South Wiltshire, a Salisbury charity that focuses on providing transport for people of limited mobility is in urgent need of volunteer car drivers. As the charity struggles to meet demand, many people are left unable to access the transport they need just to lead a normal life.  

Ni Coldridge, the charity’s car scheme manager explains “The biggest single factor affecting quality of life for elderly and disabled people is not being able to get around.  We are a lifeline against isolation for hundreds of people in and around Salisbury. With our help, people can keep active and involved. If you can’t afford a  taxi or can’t walk to the bus stop, you can be just as isolated as people living in remote rural areas. It is just as difficult to get from, say, Laverstock to Wilton, than in to town from a village. Thanks to us they can make those important journeys, to the doctor, to go shopping or to visit friends and family, but we are really struggling to keep up with demand and desperately need new drivers.   

“Supporting local charity isn’t only about giving money. Time is just as valuable to us and we would like to appeal to people who maybe haven’t considered volunteering before. Driving is an easy, fulfilling way to make a big difference. Our members are able to transfer in and out of a car, even those in a wheelchair, so it is not a demanding role. All it requires is a supporting arm and a little patience. In return our drivers get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing they are doing something which is truly valued. We pay expenses so no one is out of pocket and would love to hear from anyone who enjoys meeting people and has their own car and some time to spare.” 

Janet, who has been a member since the charity’s inception says “ I don’t know what I’d do without them. Their service means I can get to shopmobility each week and my dance class and bowling. If it wasn’t for them I would just stay in my flat.” 

Bernard, who has been a volunteer driver for several years says “ I help out a couple of days a week. I go  home knowing I’ve done something really worthwhile and it’s good fun too. Everyone likes a chat. We really get to know people.” 

For more information please call 01722 410123 or email on






Our 2013-2014 Surviving Winter campaign is now well underway. We have raised over £50,000 and have already paid out over 100 grants to individuals who face genunine hardship without this extra financial help  Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Last year we raised over £70,000 but it wasn't enough. Please continue to give what you can.

Thank you Shine in the Community for displaying our banner at the Salisbury Christmas Market.

Thank You Argentis Financial Management for choosing Suriving Winter for their fundraising this winter.

There are over 35,500 homes in Wiltshire in fuel poverty and more than half of these contain elderly or disabled people. We believe it is not acceptable to allow them to suffer.

Now in its fourth year, the Surviving Winter appeal has raised nearly £200,000 to date, but with rising energy prices and falling temperatures, the need in Wiltshire is greater than ever.

If you would like to support a local charity this winter please donate by clicking the logo above. 100% of your donation will go directly and only to someone in Wiltshire who really needs it. We work with Age UK and the Citizens advice Bureau to make sure the people most in need can receive this extra help.
If you can afford to live comfortably this winter, please help someone who can't.  To donate click here


"When I am old I shall wear purple – ageing in South Wiltshire”

As part of our delivery of the Blagrave Strategic Impact fund we have commissioned a piece of research into the needs of older people in Salisbury which was jointly funded by Wiltshire Council.  The researcher interviewed 140 people to find out what a fulfilling life would look like to them.  The outcome was surprising.  The new “oldies” have very different expectations than previous generations did of how their lives should be.  Many of the projects we had been funding were suitable to the frail elderly but not to the more energetic and well elderly.  The two areas identified as vital were transport and having someone with similar interests to talk to.  The latter was highlighted specifically by men!  We identified a group who did both.  Community Transport South Wiltshire is a busy car scheme who match driver to passenger and are able to do more than take their passengers to hospital appointments.  We have given them a grant of £30k over three years to expand their service.

The research we commissioned is now a report entitled “When I am old I shall wear purple – ageing in South Wiltshire”  - please click here to view the full report.




  Do you have a bit of spare time on your hands….?

Looking for something to do while the kids are at school….?

Want to meet more people and make new friends….?

If you own a car, you can do something really worthwhile for your community… expenses paid, with training. 

The biggest single factor affecting quality of life for elderly and disabled people is not being able to get around.  By becoming a voluntary driver with Community  Transport South Wilts, you can make a real difference to their lives, simply by taking them to day centres, doctors’ appointments, hospital visits, to see a friend or pursue activities and interests of their choice… at times that suit you.

If you are interested in becoming a voluntary driver in the Salisbury area,  please call Mrs Niolene Coldridge on 01722 410123 between 9am and 12 noon, or leave a message, or email

We look forward to hearing from you!


Salisbury Diamond Jubilee Fund Grants awarded 

As the Mayoral year draws to a close, we are delighted to announce that with John Collier's support, the Salisbury Diamond Jubilee Fund has successfully raised £60,000 

Councillor Collier said "I'm absolutely delighted that the first tranch of grants are about to be distributed.  They go to exactly the sort of good causes In the City I had in mind when I chose the Salisbury Diamond Jubilee Fund as my mayoral charity.  I hope this will be the beginning of many more organisations the Fund will be able to support in the years to come."

The first recipients of Salisbury Diamond Jubilee Fund Grants are :

Shine in the Community : a drop in centre  at the Baptist church on Brown Street for the elderly with several other projects for the disadvantaged. 

Salisbury Child Contact Centre : A neutral place where children of separated families can spend time with one or both parents, and sometimes other family members. It is a child-centred environment that puts the needs of the children first.

Salisbury Street Pastors : supporting vulnerable people on the streets after dark

Sarum Youth Football Club : an all inclusive club for children and young people of all abilites to play competitively.

John McNeil Opportunity Centre : supports pre-school children who have disabilities and difficulties to maximise their potential

Carer Support Wiltshire - for Salisbury

Salisbury City Church Job Club

Salisbury Lifestyles : a social club for mainly young adults with learning difficulties

Salisbury Malayalee : Community support group for people from the Kerala region of India


The Salisbury Diamond Jubilee Fund was  launched in September 2011 specifically to support community projects and voluntary groups in and around Salisbury was the Mayor of Salisbury's chosen charity for 2012/2013.

The Target for the Fund was £60,000 as our tribute to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and as a result of our  black tie ball at Salisbury Cathedral last September which in itself generated over £25,000 we have exceeded our target. 

Many of the groups we have supported are run by totaly dedicated and selfless people, often not in particularly fortunate circumstances themselves, who make an enormous difference to the lives of hundreds of people. Groups like the Wessex Stoma Society, Salisbury Lifestyles, The Unit, Shine in the Community, The Salisbury Street Pastors to name but a few, as well as lunch clubs, youth clubs, day centres and  community transport schemes. The comfort and support these little-known charities afford their members is immeasurable, yet they struggle to compete for funding and profile against those with more 'instant' appeal.

Investing in The Community Foundation is the simplest most effective way of maximising your donations for the greatest benefit of local people in need. If you are interested and would like to know more about our grant making and how we support local charities, please get in touch.

With gift aid your donation is automatically increased by 25% and there is a match funding opportunity of 50% available. That means a donation of £1,000 becomes £1,750! 

If you are an individual wanting to give something back, this is your Fund. If you run a local business and want to support local communities this is your Fund, and if you know of a group who could do with our help, this is your Fund. 

Click here to see our film about two groups we have supported in South Wiltshire

    May Grant Round Results

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    Annual Celebration 2014

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